Welcome to Lew-E's Educational Circus
Lew-E's Educational Circus makes learning fun for the children of All Ages!
Using an exciting and fun filled 30 minute program, the audience is transported through the worlds of Reading, Science, Mathematics, History, & More! All professionally demonstrated to the participants using various Circus Skills and Visualization Tools.
Lew-E's Educational Circus transforms your area into a Circus Big Top! Welcoming you and your audience into the wonderful and magical world of the Circus! Juggling, Plate Spinning, Balancing, Magical Illusions, & Audience Interaction demonstrate learning through the circus arts & make your students the Stars of the Show!
As your Children of All Ages howl with laughter, interact, and live out their Circus Dreams with Lew-E, you will know that you have made the right choice for your assembly programing.
At Lew-E's Educational Circus we specialize in School/Library Assembly Programs and believe that your students deserve more than a show from a suitcase!
That's why we offer the Absolute Best Show/Program for YOUR Educational Dollar! With pricing more than comparable to other programs and a World Class Show you will soon know why we offer a 100% Guarantee without hesitation!
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